Thangka Stories

The tales featuring thangka artists on the streets of Boudha, Nepal. We all do have our own stories just like a thangka painting.  

Thangka Stories

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  • Monday, July 24, 2017

    - Raj-Kumar-Khati (Thangka Artist)

      There was a police officer in our village. He had this certain rowdiness about him, everybody respected him and feared him. The local goons and even the good ones wouldn't dare to stare at him. That hit me hard. I wanted to be like him. In the year of 2008, I stood before the local police recruiter as a next guy took my measurements. After it was done, I was told to stay aside and join others. I had failed. Attempted again the next year. Failed again. Third attempt was enough and I said to myself," you will never be a police officer". Now that I look back, may be I fancied too much being one.  

  • Monday, July 17, 2017

    - Dolma Tendup (Thangka Artist)

    My father is Tibetan and mom a Nepalese. Both of them were thangka artist. Met right here in Boudha (smiles). I have spent 9 years in Tibet and now I am here in Nepal(I come and go). I don't feel the difference much though. My tibetan is good but slightly off with Nepalese. "But you can't tell the difference", can you? I did most of my schooling in Tibet and plan to graduate here in Kathmandu, be closer to my grandparents from my mom. My grandfather, he's a pro in Gold thangka, so there is so much to learn from him. No, I can't yet paint with gold, still a long way to go. "I am late, did you get my story?". "Is it enough?". " Yes, I am single. Why?"

  • Monday, July 10, 2017

    - Lok Bahadur Karki (Thangka Artist)

    "It was a lot! I couldn't even dare count it. I could feel the rush. So I just put out the word, if anybody had lost their money, they would know where to find me (I used to paint at a shop near by). I waited for a couple of days still no body to show up. Instead people who knew I still had the money often gave me visits , I was scared. haha..So I decided to to go to police (A day walk). I arrived almost at the dusk. On my way was a man laying on a chair constantly looking at the floor. I was checked right at the door. And yeah, they saw the money in the bag and made me explain everything. "Bring him in", said the bigger officer pointing outside the door. Apparently the guy I noticed on my way in was the owner. God! he was so happy..Laughs. It was a different feeling! I felt proud. I felt I evolved that moment, I felt HUMAN !"

  • Monday, July 3, 2017

    - Hom Tamang (Founder-Buddhist Thangka Centre, Master Artist)

    "I don't know what to say?" I started as an apprentice to thangka art. My father was my teacher. It was a long time back and I kind of succumbed myself to it. Starting Buddhist Thangka Centre back then was tough but also it was too significant to stabilize the art which had been passed on to generations, couldn't ignore that and times were changing, It was a different mood. And thangka was all I knew.(Laughs!). Well, I have come far and I must say, "Old age is a surprise". Laughs again!

  • Monday, June 26, 2017

    - Kunal Gurung (Thangka Artist, Presenter at Buddhist Thangka Centre )

    “My grandfather ran away from his native place as  a young man and ended up in Kathmandu. I guess there goes our family history. I often talked to him and tried my best to squeeze every bit of secrets  out of him, but he never seemed quite interested and with time I stopped asking. He passed away a year ago. His memory seems so fresh and vivid at the same time and I miss him. Anyways, I have my own family now and looking my son grow every day reminds me of the "Kalchakra Mandala", everything moving in a circle. I guess that's what life is."