Our History

Buddhist thangka centre was established in 1985 A.D. by a re-known artist, Hom Tamang. He learnt thagnka painting, when he was 11 years old with his father, who himself was also a famed artist. The centre has groups of well trained artist and a competent and experienced team of staff, one who has done 3 year B.A. Program on Buddhist studies from Kathmandu University. To those who are interested, he can give information on Buddhist philosophy, history and practices.

Thangka painting has very close relationship with Tamang people, one of the ethnic groups of Nepal, whose culture, religion and social systems are developed on the basis of Buddhist Philosophical thoughts. Tamang people had their own social, cultural and economic systems up until the recent past. However, because of the heavy influence of modern global cultural, social and economic phenomena. Tamang people have a great challenge to continue the tradition and to cope at the same time.

In order to fight against the challenge, we have been created a space where these people can work and earn their living as thangka artists. This has been the only means of earning that support their living in Kathmandu because, since most of them have no modern education, they can’t enter into any kind of decent civil and private jobs. Today besides thangka painting, in their free time, they learn basic things about how modern, social and economic system work. This helps to preserve and continue the tradition and also easily adjust with the changes brought about by globalization and modernity.

Fifteen percent of the income is spent for the education and literary program for marginalized, excluded groups in the remote areas of Nepal.