Buddhist Thangka Centre is 34 years old and is located at Boudha, kathmandu, Nepal. Boudha carries a significance of both Budhha culture and its history tracing back to 3rd century A.D. and is listed as UNESCO heritage. If you ever visited Boudha, you will come to realize what this ancient place means and what tradition of art it holds in its grasps. Here, our artist learn and celebrate the very essence of Buddhist thangka arts. With all these modernization, our school has always made sure to be connected with the roots and finding that niche in the basics of the art.

Pic: School of thangka arts associated with SaraEnterprises.

The founder of the school Mr. Hom Bahadur Tamang visions Sara enterprises to be a place where new artist could thrive and learn from the Masters, know in real what it means to paint a thangka and to be able to support themselves and their family. Preserving the Tibetan, Tamang and various ethnic groups and their source of new generations of thangka artist has always been a prime focus.  Anybody can learn thangka but to understand the depth and  what every paint brush stroke illustrates is hard to achieve. One needs to know the roots and grow with it to fully submerge themselves and dedicate to be a Master which is a ultimate goal for every thangka artist and frankly we don’t have many around right now.

Our school has classified our artist into three sections as Trainees, Intermediate and finally the “Masters”. The trainees has to go through a vigorous training in the initial phase of 6 months where they learn the basics of the colors and scrolls which is followed up by a intermediate training camp. And masters are for the Gods! They are highly respected in Buddhism itself as it is hard to attain that status.