Dear visitors,

Here in our shop studio, we offer wide range of Traditional Mandalas, Buddhist Thangkas and Singing Bowls. We have arts from both our in-house artists and other international artists from Tibet and Bhutan as well. We collaborate depending on the quality of the art  and the artist (Highly Important).  We don’t deal with mass produced prints nor do any machine made singing bowls. We identify every art with its artist and the quality of the colors. Every bowls are made out of 7 different metals and handcrafted as the detailing of the scripture or mark on them are very significant. Plus when you use the bowl, the sounds and effects are never the same with the machine made.

You can even buy thangka arts from our intermediates and trainees, as some art by them are just too beautiful not to acknowledge. Also they have to be approved by our Masters first. The prices for them are relatively lower comparing to the master’s. And finally the Thangkas by the masters are the pride and joy of Buddhist Thangka centre. Those paintings have traveled in every corner of the world and are placed on all those walls escalating their stories of Buddhist culture and its beautiful tradition.

We have young group of artists ( Speaking fluent English ) handling all the clients questions or queries. So communication is smooth and easy here. And information coming from the artist themselves – What else could be better?


Hom Bahadur Tamang
Buddhist Thangka Center
Sara Enterprises

P.S. Our shop is right in the premises of Boudhanath Stupa, so if you are in Kathmandu, Nepal and feel like exploring some Buddhist culture, visit Boudha. Also look out for Buddhist Thangka Centre if you want to see some genuine Thangkas and singing bowls (Or just seeking some Buddhist insights).